Hello…again. I took a brief hiatus from the blog; however, I’m back with a new focus on you, the readers. I’ve returned with great information and a new format that I hope you’ll enjoy.

For those of you who may be new to HR Trendster, it’s a blog for YOU. As an HR Consultant, I usually work with business leaders, CEOs, and other executives to provide human resource advice and consultation for their organization. Yet, I find that my passion lies in working with individuals who are seeking advice and guidance for their personal career goals. I often meet or am connected with people who need professional help. It may be counsel on how to handle a difficult co-worker, employee, or boss to questions regarding interoffice romance (don’t worry I’ll address that soon) or interviewing techniques. I find that’s the work I enjoy most.   And that’s what I mean when I say, “this blog is for YOU.” It’s your opportunity to ask questions, get advice and read posts that relate to what matters to you.

I’m looking forward to a great conversation with you all.

Stay tuned. An exciting new addition to the HRTrendster site is coming, and you can join in the fun!


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